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Acupuncture helped my rare skin problem

I started seeing Dr Z. back in late March of this year. After the birth of my second child, two years ago, a few months later my hormones and my entire body started to feel strange and do crazy things. At first I thought it would be the fault of the Mirena IUD, but than after having it removed, I continued to have even worse symptoms. I was with Kaiser back than, so it was easy to go to other specialists to find out smth/anything ab what was happening to me. Right before my period, I was having extreme itchiness, half of my face was feeling swollen and red, I was getting cold soars on my lips, even strange soars inside my mouth. I could hardly even drink water! I was absolutely miserable!! This entire nightmare came back every single month right before my period and lasted for a year and half until I went to Dr Z. I first went to my fam doctor than to infectious disease, to allergy , to dermatology and even to an otolaryngology specialist for a biopsy test. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. At that point I had lost all hope I’ll ever be normal and lost hope in regular doctors as well.I searched everything on google, hoping someone would know or experienced smth similar, and I found nothing! I have never had any health problems in my life before, I have a normal weight, I work out and always eat right and only drink water. Than, my brother suggested I should try acupuncture. I am so happy to this day that he did that! And my girlfriend found H&Z Acupuncture for me. on Google. Dr. Z helped me get back to my normal very healthy self! Right after the very first session, I started to feel better, I hardly had any itchiness before my period that same month and had none of the other problems like before. I went once a week at the beginning and than a little less frequent as the time passed and I was getting to normal. She advised me what supplements to take and I did everything she said. I still get all those supplements and now is ten months later after 1st seeing her. Both her and Dr. H are extremely knowledgeable. I feel so blessed I found them. I am the same ...
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Improved after first treatment

Very good. I had pain in my right shoulder and the doctor reduced some of my pain and improved my flexibility after the first acupuncture treatment. The benefits of the treatment are very clearly there. I will be back. Howard L., Copied from Learn More at Severe Chronic Lower Back Pain ...
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Western Medicine just couldn’t cure

My girlfriend and I started coming here about two months ago. She had suffered years from a few health issues that typical Western Medicine just couldn’t cure. She had met with numerous doctors, had numerous surgeries and had been on all types of medicine. No doctor had the answer. They would make her pay for different procedures and/or medicines… And when they didn’t work they would say that maybe her problems are in her head and then they would send her to another doctor. The frustration was nearly too much to handle. Desperate for anything, she wanted to give acupuncture a shot. After reviewing the website and seeing the amazing accolades the doctor’s from H&Z had acquired over the years, we decide to give them a try. Because I had problems with stress, I decided to accompany her. “Ah what the hell,” I thought. One day in particular, she was in severe pain. She said a 8/10. Immediately after acupuncture she said the pain dropped to a 4/10. Instant relief! From that moment on we both became strong believers in H&Z and their acupuncture. Both doctors are phenomenal. Dr. He (who I see) and Dr. Zhong (who she sees). After about a month of acupuncture, she hovers around a 2/10 of pain… And we are both 100% confident that pain will be gone soon. It’s great to see her nearly pain free after so many years. As for myself, I’ve never felt happier or more free. As a solo entrepreneur, mental clarity is extremely important for me and seeing Dr. He every week has really helped me relieve all of my stress. This has led to breakthroughs in my business and work productivity. I recommend H&Z to anybody for any problem they say they can cure. My girlfriend and I suffered from vastly different issues and both have been greatly improved. Rocky U., Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture Learn More about H&Z Acupuncture Sterile acupuncture treatments have tremendously reduced my debilitating issues that surgeons have suggested many medications ...
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Severe Sciatica

Dr. He and Dr. Zhong are outstanding, highly trained in China accupuncturists with top professional qualifications. I have used Dr. He for my severe and painful sciatica issues and in 3 weeks no more pain from sciatica and a lumbar cyst issue and he has also totally fixed my knee problem in this short time. Dr. He has amazing intuitive abilities for correct diagnosis and treatment and his accupressure abilities are so healing too. He is a warm and very gentle person who will make your accupuncture experience very relaxing and effective. Dr. He has recently moved here from his large practice in Atlanta to be with his son’s family. So appointments with him are still easy to obtain. Dr Zhong, a woman, is a highly trained neurologist from China. Her skills with accupuncture, too, are highly amazing. Both women and men will also benefit from her unique accupuncture abilities. The H & Z accupuncture offices several treatment rooms are all 5 star rated, comfortable, highly sanitary and very relaxing with all the amenities to make you heal quickly. Their location is easy to access in Old Towne Alexandria at the corner of Duke Street and Patrick Street. There is ample free underground visitor parking at their location. Give them a try for your medical condition(s). You will be delighted on what their skills will do to remedy your medical conditions. We are especially fortunate to have them here in the Washington metropolitan area with easy access from Arlington and Alexandria. I rate both of them and their treatment facility 5 stars. You will be very happy you selected them. Robert R., Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture Learn More about H&Z Acupuncture Acupuncture made Disc Herniation caused Sciatic pain pain FREE, even when 2 Cortisone Epidural shots can’t relieve ...
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Tried everything for my chronic body pain before give acupuncture a try

If you want the best, you want H & Z Acupuncture! For years I suffered with chronic pain in my shoulders, neck, lower back, hips, and overall tension in my body. I went to chiropractors, massage therapists, float pods, and doctors to no avail or relief! I googled, in pure desperation, to find relieve for a massive migraine and was lucky enough to come upon their website. I called and they had me come in immediately. After one session my migraine was over… best part, I’ve never had one since. Not only did they relieve my migraine, they’ve healed my shoulder pain, that no one could fix, and helping me heal my whole body. Plus, prescribed herbs that make me very happy, and help heal anxiety and depression. If you have any type of pain, especially chronic, this is your place. Search no further! Make the call, it’ll be the last call you ever make towards your health and healing! Shana D., Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture Learn More about H&Z Acupuncture Severe Chronic Lower Back Pain Migraine ...
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