Western Medicine just couldn’t cure

My girlfriend and I started coming here about two months ago. She had suffered years from a few health issues that typical Western Medicine just couldn’t cure. She had met with numerous doctors, had numerous surgeries and had been on all types of medicine. No doctor had the answer. They would make her pay for different procedures and/or medicines… And when they didn’t work they would say that maybe her problems are in her head and then they would send her to another doctor. The frustration was nearly too much to handle. Desperate for anything, she wanted to give acupuncture a shot. After reviewing the website and seeing the amazing accolades the doctor’s from H&Z had acquired over the years, we decide to give them a try. Because I had problems with stress, I decided to accompany her. “Ah what the hell,” I thought. One day in particular, she was in severe pain. She said a 8/10. Immediately after acupuncture she said the pain dropped to a 4/10. Instant relief! From that moment on we both became strong believers in H&Z and their acupuncture. Both doctors are phenomenal. Dr. He (who I see) and Dr. Zhong (who she sees). After about a month of acupuncture, she hovers around a 2/10 of pain… And we are both 100% confident that pain will be gone soon. It’s great to see her nearly pain free after so many years. As for myself, I’ve never felt happier or more free. As a solo entrepreneur, mental clarity is extremely important for me and seeing Dr. He every week has really helped me relieve all of my stress. This has led to breakthroughs in my business and work productivity. I recommend H&Z to anybody for any problem they say they can cure. My girlfriend and I suffered from vastly different issues and both have been greatly improved.

Rocky U., Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture

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