Acupuncture helped my rare skin problem

I started seeing Dr Z. back in late March of this year. After the birth of my second child, two years ago, a few months later my hormones and my entire body started to feel strange and do crazy things. At first I thought it would be the fault of the Mirena IUD, but than after having it removed, I continued to have even worse symptoms. I was with Kaiser back than, so it was easy to go to other specialists to find out smth/anything ab what was happening to me. Right before my period, I was having extreme itchiness, half of my face was feeling swollen and red, I was getting cold soars on my lips, even strange soars inside my mouth. I could hardly even drink water! I was absolutely miserable!! This entire nightmare came back every single month right before my period and lasted for a year and half until I went to Dr Z. I first went to my fam doctor than to infectious disease, to allergy , to dermatology and even to an otolaryngology specialist for a biopsy test. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. At that point I had lost all hope I’ll ever be normal and lost hope in regular doctors as well.I searched everything on google, hoping someone would know or experienced smth similar, and I found nothing! I have never had any health problems in my life before, I have a normal weight, I work out and always eat right and only drink water. Than, my brother suggested I should try acupuncture. I am so happy to this day that he did that! And my girlfriend found H&Z Acupuncture for me. on Google. Dr. Z helped me get back to my normal very healthy self! Right after the very first session, I started to feel better, I hardly had any itchiness before my period that same month and had none of the other problems like before. I went once a week at the beginning and than a little less frequent as the time passed and I was getting to normal. She advised me what supplements to take and I did everything she said. I still get all those supplements and now is ten months later after 1st seeing her. Both her and Dr. H are extremely knowledgeable. I feel so blessed I found them. I am the same normal and happy human being that I was two years ago. I took my husband there a few times for some smaller problems and he felt perfectly fine actually after only one Acupuncture session. The atmosphere is very pleasant, peaceful and the place is very clean. I could not say enough good things about these two amazing doctors! I will always go first to them before I see any regular doctor if needed in the future. Thank you to both of them from all my heart!

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