Tried everything for my chronic body pain before give acupuncture a try

If you want the best, you want H & Z Acupuncture! For years I suffered with chronic pain in my shoulders, neck, lower back, hips, and overall tension in my body. I went to chiropractors, massage therapists, float pods, and doctors to no avail or relief! I googled, in pure desperation, to find relieve for a massive migraine and was lucky enough to come upon their website. I called and they had me come in immediately. After one session my migraine was over… best part, I’ve never had one since. Not only did they relieve my migraine, they’ve healed my shoulder pain, that no one could fix, and helping me heal my whole body. Plus, prescribed herbs that make me very happy, and help heal anxiety and depression. If you have any type of pain, especially chronic, this is your place. Search no further! Make the call, it’ll be the last call you ever make towards your health and healing!


Shana D., Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture

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