Migraine headache is recurrent throbbing moderate to severe pain that typically affects one side of the head. The headache is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and disturbed vision and worsen by physical activities, light, sounds, or smells. Acupuncture generally is an effective for treatment of migraine.

M, Y46. Migraine since very early age. One or two times per week. Felt additional fatigue, dizzy and body aches all the time since 9 month ago after a viral infection. Total of 4 times of treatments in 18 days. After 1st acupuncture treatment, no significant improvement. After 2nd treatment, felled much better. After 3nd treatment, no migraine, no dizzies, no fatigue. Patient stopped treatment after 4th treatment. E0479, June 1, 2007. H & Z Acupuncture. hz-acupuncture.com

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