Case Studies

Increasing focus on patient experience is one of H&Z Acupuncture's primary goals. We have treated many patients with different conditions, as acupuncture is greatly proven to treat health and body issues.

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy is a sudden weakness or facial muscle paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve). The paralysis is generally unilateral and often occurs overnight without any specific cause that can be identified. Acupuncture is generally a very effective way in treatment of Bell’s palsy. Case 1: Female, Y32. Bell’s palsy for 6 days, after falling sleep under an electric fun. This is her 2nd onset of Bell’s palsy. The first one happened 15 years ago. The lines on right forehead disappeared and the skin on her right forehead was not able to move. Right eye was not able to be closed. Mouth switched to the left. Labial groove became shallow. After 2x treatments: Significant improvement. Eye closed completely. Forehead line and labial groove return back. Mouth returned to the middle. An additional acupuncture treatment was done to further improve the condition. ...
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Stress, Insomnia and Low back pain

Female, Y62. Stress for more than 20 years. Insomnia for 2 years. Low back pain with sciatica for 10 years, getting worse in recent 5-6 years. Had 5-6 times of epidural steroid Injection in recent 3-4 years. After 3 times of acupuncture treatment, patient felt reduced stress and slept better with reduced low back pain and sciatica. After Additional 7 times of treatments, the patient felt no stress, insomnia was gone and the patient now sleep at night like “baby”. She felt no pain at the low back. Sciatica reduced significantly, but still not completely disappeared yet. Additional 16 maintaining treatments in 8 months were giving. The patients generally felt good, no stress, but occasionally, still has slight pain in the low back and leg. ...
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