Over 15 years of joint pain and potential back pain treated!

A colleague of mine went here for health issues she had for quite some time and went to so many doctors who gave her bad advice, then came here and was cured almost overnight. Not just the acupuncture, but they also recommended supplements to take and it was a holistic approach that has really helped.

On her recommendation, I came here for joint pain I’ve had for over 15 years. Dr. He discovered I had a much bigger problem about to erupt in my back and probably has saved me painful and expensive back surgery. What is amazing is that his approach is not just about healing your pain, but making you a happier person.

Both doctors He and Zhong are trained in western medicine (check out their impressive bios). I highly recommend giving this place a try.

Tim R.,, Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture

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