Acupuncture made Disc Herniation caused Sciatic pain pain FREE, even when 2 Cortisone Epidural shots can’t relieve.

My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago with a Disc Herniation. It caused her great Sciatic pain mostly on her right side. She was given two Cortisone Epidural shot within four months that did nothing for the pain. Finally, I decided to look “outside the box” with traditional medicine. I chose Dr. He because of his medical background and great reviews. My daughter started going to Dr. He in October, she walked into her first appt. with a pain level of seven, walked out with a pain level of three. After four months of Acupressure and Acupuncture, my daughter is pain free. Dr. He was wonderful. He made my daughter feel conformable and he explain everything he was doing. The staff is very nice, welcoming, and accommodating. Thank you, Dr. He!!

Nancy N., Copied from Google: H&Z Acupuncture

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