Knee pain after surgery

Case1: Female, 62 Years old. More than 3 months after L. Knee surgery. The knee was in severe pain, swollen and had a high temperature on the skin. Immediately after her first acupuncture treatment, she felt better. After just 4  treatments,  the swelling was gone and she felt no pain. Additional 2 treatments were done to strengthen the results. E00366, August 14, 2006. H & Z Acupuncture.

Case 2: Male, 42 Years old. Chronic left knee pain as a result of reconstruction surgery for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in 1999. After his first acupuncture treatment, he felt great and was able to walk upstairs without pain. An additional 9 treatments were done to strengthen the results. Two and a half years later, when he revisited our office for other issues, he did not complain of pain in the left knee. E00370, May 27, 2009. H & Z Acupuncture.

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