Heel bone spur

A heel bone spur is actually an extra bone growth that develops on the outside of the bone at the hell. The heel spur, because it is part of the bone, typically do not cause pain. Generally, the pain generated from the heel spur is due to the soft tissue around the heel spur that gets irritated, inflamed and/or bruised.

52 year old, Female. Right heel pain 3-5 years, worse for 3 months. Pain could reach degree of 8-9. Wake up often at night. X-ray clearly showed R heel bone spur. Associated with hip, leg pain and shoulder pain, tennis elbow and stress. After the 1st treatment, heal pain reduced. After additional 5 treatments, once per week, heal Pain significantly reduced. After other 14 treatments, once per week, patient was able to hike and play tennis w/o any pain. Hip and leg pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow and stress either greatly reduced or even disappeared. After further 10 times treatments, once/w patient has no any complains. Maintained treatments 11 times in 5 months, during which patient felt good. Almost no any complains were reported. July 14, 2011. hz-acupuncture.com

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